As West Virginia Democrat Nick Rahall, a top Republican target in the 2014 elections, entered a $1,000 a plate fundraiser at the Willard hotel in Washington, D.C. yesterday, a GOP tracker attempted to get the congressman to comment on a CNN report that Rahall was about to retire until Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic leadership promised him more campaign cash. (Republicans are convinced that tying Democratic candidates to Pelosi is a winning strategy.)

“How did it feel to sell your soul to Nancy Pelosi, sir?” the tracker asks Rahall. The congressman initially dismisses the tracker as "quite the jokester" and walks away before apparently thinking of a response. Then, in what was perhaps the best delayed comeback since George Costanza told his coworker that the "jerk store" called, Rahall turns around with a big smile on his face and yells: "Better than selling it to the Koch brothers!"


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