Any Democrat interested in running for the party’s 2016 presidential nomination is, at present, reduced to waiting to see what Hillary will do, and isn’t the suspense just about too much to bear.

There is one potential candidate, however, who is making some moves and seems to believe that it would be a service to his party if he were to challenge Mrs. Clinton in the primaries.

That would be Bernie Sanders who, as Vermont Public Radio reports:

… will travel to New Hampshire this weekend, following a path used by many presidential candidates over the past 25 years.

Sanders isn’t joking (socialist don’t joke) and:

On Saturday, he will hold a Town Meeting at St. Anselm College in Manchester, N.H. The college has become an important campaign stopping point for presidential candidates over the years.

According to someone who has followed Sanders for years, he:

"…believes that by pushing Hillary Clinton from the left on a range of issues, he may lead to her positions on these issues in a fall campaign being somewhat more progressive than they would be otherwise”…

So he might make what will otherwise be a coronation at least marginally entertaining.

Go for it, Bernie.

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