Beverly Hills has banned fracking. Which makes it "the first municipality in California to prohibit the controversial technique for extracting natural gas and oil from underground rock deposits," according to Reuters.

As Gary Schmitt of the American Enterprise Institute comments, "The City Council of Beverly Hills has unanimously voted to ban hydraulic fracking within the city’s boundaries. Obviously, the movie and television industry is doing well enough that no one needs the extra cash that might come from accessing underground deposits of natural gas. Plus ... it’s really difficult to get those drilling rigs into place! We’re still waiting, however, for Beverly Hills to ban pedophilia."

The vote wasn't even close, says Reuters:

The unanimous vote by the Beverly Hills city council gives final approval to fracking ban, which was given the initial go-ahead by the panel last month. Council members, five of whom voted in favor of the ban, did not publicly discuss the measure on Tuesday. It will take effect on June 6.

Beverly Hills is one of the nation's most affluent cities and is home to numerous luxury retailers, but it is not untouched by the oil industry. Oil drilling has for decades occurred at Beverly Hills High School, but the city council in 2011 voted to bring that to an end in 2016.

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