German chancellor Angela Merkel is in Israel visiting Israel's prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. This photo, apparently taken by photographer Marc Israel Sellem of the Jerusalem Post is making waves:

As Jerusalem Post report Ben Hartman notes on Twitter:

Tom Gara of the Wall Street Journal calls is "Miraculous."

In the meeting, Merkel said Israeli goods shouldn't be boycotted but that "it is acceptable to label products produced in West Bank settlements." Via the Jerusalem Post:

A boycott against Israel is not an option but it is acceptable to label products produced in West Bank settlements, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Tuesday in Jerusalem.

“We do not support the demands for a boycott. This is not an option for Germany. We have certain rules of labeling and we have to adhere to those rules, but we do not believe in boycotts,” she said.

Merkel also supported Palestinian recognition of Israel as a Jewish state as a critical component of a two state solution.

They also discussed peace:

She spoke during a joint press conference with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and ministers from both the Israeli and German governments, during which the two spoke about the peace process in advance of the anticipated publication of Kerry’s framework document for negotiations by the end of April.

Netanyahu said that boycotts against Israel were immoral and harmful to the peace process.

Boycott is not a moral or productive way to move peace forward. It pushes it back,” said Netanyahu. “It strengthens Palestinians intransigence and does not help the Palestinian economy,” he added.

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