With just over 50 days until the presidential election, Joe Biden, the gaffe-prone vice president, is taking the weekend off. "The Vice President will be in Wilmington, Delaware," his public calendar reads. "There are no public events scheduled."

But while he's at home in Wilmington, Dr. Jill Biden, Joe Biden's wife, is spending the whole weekend on the campaign trail.

Indeed, today Dr. Jill Biden has three campaign events, all in Michigan. "Dr. Biden will begin her campaign travel in Michigan with an Obama-Biden Canvass Kick-Off Event at the OFA-Grand Rapids field office. She will then attend a Students for Obama-BidenGrassroots Event at the Hicks Student Center at Kalamazoo College, and in the afternoon, she will attend the OFA-Battle Creek field office opening. While in Michigan, Dr. Biden will lay out what is at stake for middle class families in this election. She will also encourage supporters to get involved in the campaign and help organize their communities between now and Election Day in November," Dr. Biden's calendar for Saturday reads.

And on Sunday, Dr. Biden has another busy day. "Obama for America announced that on Sunday, September 16, Dr. Biden will attend a campaign event in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. While in Pittsburgh, Dr. Biden will attend a Women for Obama-Biden Event at the OFA –Pittsburgh Field Office where she will be joined by DNC Chair Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz," the Obama campaign states.

As for the president and first lady, they'll be doing what Joe Biden is doing--taking the weekend off.

"On Saturday and Sunday, the President has no public events scheduled," Obama's weekend schedule reads.

Next week, though, is a busy one for both Biden and Obama. The vice president will be campaigning in Iowa first and New Hampshire at the end of the week.

President Obama will campaign in Ohio on Monday, New York City on Tuesday, Florida on Thursday, and Virginia on Friday. He'll spend Wednesday working at the White House. Michelle Obama will be campaign next week in Florida.

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