Vice President Joe Biden is in Latin America meeting with foreign leaders. His first stop was in Colombia, where he landed yesterday and met with Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos.

The vice president was diplomatic. "We understand that some real progress appears to have been made yesterday on the agrarian front. We applaud every advance -- every advance -- that gets Colombians closer to the peace they so richly deserve. And we look forward to the day when Colombia can fully enjoy a genuine peace dividend."

And then non-sensical: "And, folks, the one thing the President and I agree on is that the promise not only for our relationships but for the hemisphere are close to limitless. They're close to limitless, and we genuinely believe that if we work together, we can provide what we hope will be the case that -- when the Berlin Wall went down in Europe, we started to talk about a Europe whole and free, which has never occurred. And now it’s on the verge of being fully realized. The President and I believe that our children will look to a hemisphere that is middle class, democratic and secure for the first time in the hemisphere’s history. And with the leadership of men like President Santos I am confident that our children’s future is in very, very good hands."

And finally Biden was awkward, in joint remarks yesterday in Casa de Nariño in Bogota, Colombia. "So again, thank you, Mr. President. And we were commiserating how we used to each have a relatively good golf game before we got the respective positions we’re in. So since we’re both playing very badly, let’s play together," said Biden.

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