At a campaign fundraiser in Connecticut today, Vice President Joe Biden talked up the Obama administration's foreign policy of "leading from behind."

Biden " suggested that Ryan and Romney's comments that the U.S. was 'leading from behind' present considerable risks for the nation's interests," according to the pool reporter's write-up of Biden's comments.

Biden then said in reference to his debate with Paul Ryan last week, according to the pool report, "When you ask as I did on Thursday night...'how do you disagree with us in terms of leading from behind, what would you do differently?'''

"The Republicans provided 'not a single solitary specific,' Biden said. 'I know a lot about foreign policy and I know one thing: loose talk is dangerous. The last thing we need is another land war tying us down,'" according to the pool report.

Members of the Obama administration have long tried to distance themselves from when one anonymous adviser told the New Yorker magazine that Obama's foreign policy was one that favored "leading from behind."

As Obama foreign policy spokesman Tommy Vietor said last year, "No one in this White House ever said leading from behind. It wasn't even sourced to an administration official, but rather the more nebulous 'adviser.' There are hundreds of people who could credibly be called an 'adviser' to the president, and there are hundreds more who go to D.C. cocktail parties and claim to be one. ... I hope we can stop talking about a thinly sourced background quote and focus on the president's actual record of decisive leadership on foreign policy."

But now, with less than a month until Election Day, Biden is doubling down on Obama's "leading from behind" foreign policy.
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