Vice President Joe Biden has not sat down for a nationally televised interview in 5 months. The last big TV interview Biden did was on NBC's Meet the Press, when he jumped the gun and came out in favor of gay marriage before President Obama was able to publicly shift his position. Days later, Obama did his own nationally televised interview and expressed his own support for that initiative.

Biden's Meet the Press interview aired Sunday, May 6, 2012.

In fact, it is not just TV Biden has been avoiding. He's done only one print interview since Paul Ryan joined Mitt Romney on the Republican ticket back in August.

"From all we can find, Joe Biden has done one interview since Paul Ryan joined the ticket August 11. One. And it was with John Heilemann for New York magazine. Over that period, Paul Ryan has done 197 interviews, 153 of those on TV (29 National & 124 local/regional). The rest print or radio," says an aide at Mitt Romney's campaign headquarters.

A Republican source explains why Biden is being kept away from the press.

"Joe Biden gets used by the Obama Campaign like Bernie from 'Weekend at Bernie's,'" says the Republican source. "They drag him out to a battleground state, prop him up on a podium in front of a teleprompter, pose him for photos with locals, and then quickly roll him back to Air Force 2 before reporters have a chance to ask him questions. They want Biden to be seen, but not heard in any interviews because they're afraid he might embarrass the president with another one of his hilarious gaffes."

Even President Obama has sat for interviews during this time. Most notably, Obama joined the ladies of The View for a daytime interview when he was in New York City recently for the United Nations General Assembly.

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