At an apparently unscheduled stop at a Boys and Girls Club in Sioux City, Iowa, Vice President told a group of about 75 boys about the 2008 election. "I never intended to get involved in politics and become vice president," Biden reportedly said, according to the pool report. The pool reporter then writes, "[Biden] said his 2008 run for the presidency ended badly."

How badly? "I got beat like a drum by Barack Obama," Biden admitted to the group of boys.

The pool reporter then paraphrases: "After turning down Obama once, he related finally agreeing to be his running mate. Biden said his duties are to primarily backup the president, while he had a key role under the direction of Obama to lead the effort to withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq."

Today's vice presidential pool report was written by Bret Hayworth of the Sioux City Journal.

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