Vice President Joe Biden asked a group of women in Japan whether their husbands like them working full-time. "Do your husbands like you working fulltime?" Biden asked, according to the pool report.

VP Biden and Amb. Kennedy took a tour of an internet company in Shibuya called DeNA. The idea was to highlight the need to integrate more women in the workforce, which Japan needs to do because of its aging population issues. DeNA has a progressive stance on this, encouraging women to have families while continuing to work. Biden, Kennedy and US Ambassador for Global Women's Issues Cathy Russell arrived on the 22nd floor of a Shibuya office building where young DeNA employees were arranged at various tables in the modern company cafeteria, which had a design of a modern city condo with exposed pipes ducts in the ceiling and a (faux?) brick wall on one said. The place was spotless and quiet despite the people and that made for an awkward setting in which the employees, most of whom had laptops open at their tables, appeared to be almost stock models hired to play a part in a cliche version of an internet company.

In any case, Biden entered and sat at a table with five young women. He asked if they were married and at least three said yes. Then he asked if they had kids. "Do your husbands like you working fulltime?" Biden asked at one point. One woman talked about work life balance; Biden said: "Can anyone work from home?" A woman responded: "Yes, under certain conditions." Biden began talking about an argument he had with Russell but pool was then moved to the kitchen area. Biden later came there and looked around, then took a bottle of water out of a fridge, joking that he didn't have time to eat ice cream. Biden bought the water from a cashier, who said, "Arigato gozaimashita." Biden didn't respond, but turned to the media, including local Japanese press and cameras.

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