What you see below is a copy of a May 26, 2005 letter from Senators Christopher Dodd and Joe Biden encouraging a no vote on cloture for the nomination of John Bolton. Senate Democrats (including Senators Obama, Biden, Clinton, and Kerry) twice voted en bloc against cloture on the Bolton nomination, preventing his confirmation as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. They did so because they were denied certain information they deemed necessary to judge Bolton's fitness for the position, and therefore acted "to protect the Senate's constitutional power to advise and consent to nominations."

Today, Republicans are being denied information relevant to judging Chuck Hagel. They will presumably appreciate the opportunity to quote the Vice President's own letter of 8 years ago defending the Senate's prerogatives if Democrats try to ram through the Hagel nomination through the Senate while denying Senators relevant information.

Biden-Dodd Dear Colleague Re. Bolton Nomination

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