Talking to CBS this morning, Vice President Joe Biden said he's "not going to speculate" on whether he should've known about the need for more security in Libya:

O’DONNELL: "I want to ask you about Libya because certainly at the vice presidential debate that topic also came up, and you said you were not told about the request for extra security at the consulate. I have to ask you, do you wish you had been told?"

VP BIDEN: "Well, I'm not going to speculate on that. Look, but what I said was absolutely accurate. neither the president nor i were told of the additional security request, as Hillary has pointed out straightforwardly that request never got to the president or me."

O’DONNELL: "Should you have been told?"

BIDEN: "Well, I'm not is going to speculate on that. There's an investigation under way. We'll see what it's all about."

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