NBC's Carrie Dann reports another instance of buffoonish foot-in-mouth behavior by Vice President Joe Biden:

"In an interview yesterday with WTOV-TV, NBC's Steubenville-Wheeling affiliate, Biden said that he doesn't "blame people" for voting against Barack Obama in West Virginia's Democratic primary earlier this month, when an incarcerated felon won about four in 10 votes against the sitting president....Keith Judd, also known as Prisoner 11593-051, is serving a sentence at the Beaumont Federal Correctional Institution in Texas for making threats at the University of New Mexico. He makes occasional cameos on state ballots and won about 40 percent of the vote in West Virginia's May 8 primary, embarrassing national Democrats and highlighting Obama's challenges in coal country."

The boss is excited about this latest Biden goof—he just filed his editorial for the next issue (online at midnight tonight!), which suggests that President Obama should replace Biden with Hillary Clinton, and presents evidence that Obama is considering doing so.

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