The vice president of the United States is counseling teenage girls -- at least, one teenager he saw yesterday -- that they can't date until they're 30. "Chestnut St. Nearing 9th, VPOTUS hugs a girl who is wearing a rain poncho and appears to be in her early teens. Tells her, 'No dates ‘til you’re 30,'" reports the pool reporter.

Via the White House pool report:

From Philadelphia, July 4, 2014:

11:11 a.m.: After opening ceremonies, at which VPOTUS spoke, parade begins in front of Independence Hall, headed west on Chestnut Street. Police car in front, then five police motorcycles, kids tossing red, white and blue leis (garlands). VPOTUS is shaking hands. Then walking with Mayor Michael A. Nutter and his wife, Lisa Nutter. VPOTUS wearing a lei, a blue shirt and red-and-white diagonally striped tie, plus blue bill cap with VPOTUS seal on the front. Holding the hand of his eight-year-old grandson, Hunter, in khaki pants and a blue and white checked shirt, also wearing a lei. People cheering. Light rain falling, darkening shoulders of VPOTUS shirt.

Along Chestnut, between Seven and Eighth, VPOTUS shaking hands with little kids, others in the crowd. Greets a baby, Jolie (no last name), whose mother is holding her. She’s under a pink “Hello Kitty” umbrella, in a white dress with red and blue rick rack trim.

11:24 a.m., Chestnut St. Nearing 9th, VPOTUS hugs a girl who is wearing a rain poncho and appears to be in her early teens. Tells her, “No dates ‘til you’re 30.”

11:26: Right onto Market Street at 9th Street, heading back east. People waving flags, wearing red, white, and blue leis. White, African-American, Asian, Hispanic. Babies, kids dancing, elderly woman in a folding chair holding a flag. Wearing every manner of rain gear. VPOTUS walks along the curb, shaking hands, posing for photos with people. “Hey Joe, over here,” people yell, and he goes over to shake their hands.

VPOTUS stops to exchange a few words with a Philadelphia police woman. He pats her arm, and she smiles.

11:39: VPOTUS stops to talk to a toddler in pigtails, with Minnie Mouse on her shirt. Abigail Margaret Callaghan, of Upper Darby.

Trots over to a curbside table outside 4 Fathers restaurant on Market Street and sits down with the three people who are there. Adrienne Soresi, who moved to Philadelphia about a year ago, called VPOTUS “a youthful, spirited, fun guy.” She and her friends went to the opening ceremonies at Independence Hall, then raced to Market to get a table while they could.

11:47: VPOTUS walking with arm around Lisa Nutter’s shoulders, talking with her.

“Hey folks, how are you,” he calls to people along the curb. “Good to see you.”

11:56…VPOTUS stops to pose with three little kids, Luke, Lauren and Colin D’Elia, of Havertown, who are there with family members. Their dad, Albert D’Elia, had called out to VPOTUS, “Go, Blue Hens!” (University of Delaware teams are known as the Fightin’ Blue Hens.) D’Elia says afterward, “we’ll have to frame those pictures, for sure.”

11:57: VPOTUS goes back to talk to Army Air Force folks in camouflage uniforms. They’re from the Dover Air Force Base and are marching in the parade behind VPOTUS. They arrange themselves so they are in front of the color guard for a photo. “Thank you for your service,” VPOTUS tells them, his hands on Hunter’s shoulders. And, “God love ya’all.”

Noon, at Second Street and Market: Hunter gets into the Suburban that has been just ahead of them. VPOTUS gets in after him. Suburban drives away.

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