Vice President Joe Biden thanked the executive chairman of Ford at today's North American International Auto Show for "saving our ass." The event took place in Detroit.

Via the pool report:

Vice President Joe Biden toured the North American International Auto Show for more than 30 minutes after making remarks in Detroit. The show remained open to invited people with tickets -- but it doesn't open to the general public until Saturday.

The pool met Biden around 10:30 a.m. as he arrived at the Chrysler stand with CEO Sergio Marchionne. Biden sat in several new cars, including the Jeep Cherokee and Chrysler 200. He joking told the press corps to get out of the way because "I am driving it off."

Biden stopped to look at an engine on display, before he made his way to the Ford Motor stand, where he met Ford executive chairman Bill Ford Jr. and Rep. John Dingell. "Thank you for saving our ass," Biden told Ford, apparently referring to the 2008-2009 auto crisis, when the Dearborn automaker didn't seek a government bailout. Ford Jr. response couldn't be made out.

Before heading to see a new Ford Mustang, Biden spotted a 1965 Mustang on the show floor and walked over to see it. After looking at it for several minutes, Ford Jr. said "that's the old one, now let me show you the new one." Biden sat in a red Mustang and then sat in Ford's new 2015 aluminum F-150 pickup. Biden said his brother owned an F-150, but was thinking of buying an aluminum one.

At one point, Biden lamented he couldn't stay in Detroit longer. "I'm like a kid in a candy shop," Biden said, joking he planned to take a couple new vehicles home. Bill Ford joked: "I think he's driving back in one."

Biden shook hands with random showgoers, while others ignored him. At times large crowds formed around him to watch him look at new vehicles.

Biden headed to the General Motors stand, where met with GM CEO Mary Barra and quickly asked to see the Corvette. "I'm so glad you have the opportunity to come," Barra told him.

Biden owns a classic Corvette that he keeps at his home in Delaware. He sat behind the wheel of a yellow Z06 and a red Corvette Stingray. Barra told him at length about the technology enhancements in the new Corvette. "Technology matters," he yelled out to the press corps.

Because the pool was moved from location to location, reporters didn't see all of the cars Biden stopped to view.

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