Vice President Joe Biden, speaking to a group of trial lawyers this afternoon in Chicago, delivered a stern warning. "Imagine the Supreme Court after four years of Romney," said Biden, according to the pool report. "This is not scare tactics, just what he said. If you’re frightened it’s because you should be. You know who his advisor on constitutional issues is? Appointed officially? Robert Bork."

Biden's remarks were to the American Association of Justice convention.

While there, Biden also defended lawyers. From the pool report:

The lawyers play an important role in America, he said.

“You’re the ones who say — for all the malarkey you get — you’re well remunerated for what you do…but man, I don’t know what we’d do without you -- who is going to step up and take the case of the little guy who’s getting screwed?”

Biden also told the trial lawyers, "I hope some of you in here are millionaires."

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