Vice President Biden and his entourage visited Brazil in mid-June to attend the USA versus Ghana World Cup game, a trip that also included meetings with both the president and vice president of Brazil. Although the vice president spent only one night in Brazil before moving on to Colombia, the entire delegation, presumably including the advance team plus all communications, logistics, security, and operations personnel, required four different hotels for the Brazil leg of the trip. The total cost for the hotel space alone was estimated at $2,245,343.30:

The main hotel reserved for the vice president's delegation, the Royal Tulip, is located next to the Palacio Alvorada, the residence of Brazilian president. The documents released by the State Department do not state the total "room nights" needed for lodging although such documents often do. The justification for the hotel contracts explained that the World Cup had pushed up area hotel rates anywhere from 75 to 365 percent. The $2.2 million hotel price tag for the one-night Brazil stop for the vice president far exceeds other trips such as the $585,000 cost for a 2013 Paris stop.

Although the notification posted by the State Department is entitled "Hotel for U.S VIP 2014 Brazil World Cup," the vice president's trip to Brazil was widely reported to be an attempt to repair damage caused by National Security Agency (NSA) spying practices involving the Brazilian president and her top aides.

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