President Obama is in Florida to tout his economic policy of raising taxes on the wealthy. But first he's holding a fundraiser. And it seems that many in the Palm Beach Gardens gated community, where the fundraiser is being held, are excited to see the president.

Consider how the president was received, as reported by today's White House pool reporter:

Lots of ladies in their tennis outfits (literally dozens) took photos of the motorcade as it drove by.

Motorcade arrived at a two story Mediterranean style home with a spanish tiled roof.

There, he found a fanclub of a couple dozen shrieking Bieber-fever-aged girls. POTUS spent a couple of minutes speaking to the grade school girls. One held a sign reading "Your picture with me equals my vote." He also signed a basketball and other posters. "Who's got a pool?" Obama asked on an 80-degree South Florida day. At one point, someone most likely asked him about the Hawaii House, where he spends Christmas. "I just rent that house. I don't actually own it," he said.

The pool reporter adds: "tickets [to today's fundraiser] were 10,000 dollars a person and 15,000 a couple."

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