The Nanny State has decided to make it possible for kids to eat their vegetables. Indeed, to make it hard for them not to eat their vegetables. The kids, unsurprisingly, are saying, ‘We say it's spinach and we say the hell with it.’ So one school proposes to monitor the school cafeteria garbage cans with cameras to record what vegetables the kids are tossing and in what quantity.

So far, just one more story about busy bodies using some borrowed government muscle to run other people's lives. Routinely infuriating. And, one thinks, better get ready for more.

But the way some parents have responded to the latest spreading of the snooper state gives one some hope:

“So we’re going to spend how many more thousands of dollars to put cameras on trash cans to document the thousands of dollars in food the kids are throwing away,” one parent wrote ... “This is a no brainer, kids are not going to eat the stuff served at school. Has anyone really looked at these lunch trays?”

“Why not just remove the kids from their parent’s home at 3 – 5 years-old and put them in mass dormitories where their entire lives can be monitored and properly controlled so that they become properly modeled citizens and serve as they are needed by our enlightened leaders,” another reader wrote.

The official response was predictable. Oh, no, sayeth the bureaucrats. We have no intention of monitoring the kids. None at all. We're just going to make a record of what goes into the garbage cans.

Yes. And if you are happy with your current health care plan, then you can keep it. And there will be no mandate.

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