Ryan Streeter, writing about Paul Ryan's virtue:

He may not be running for President (despite our best efforts to draft him and continued pleas from the American public), but Paul Ryan is the biggest, thorniest bur in Barack Obama’s saddle. His speech at the Heritage Foundation yesterday was another example of why.

He took Obama to task by undermining both the philosophical and mathematical justifications of the President’s desperate campaign to use class to divide America. Among Republicans, Ryan has proved himself the most-skilled at going head-to-head with Obama in the public square.

The present field of GOP candidates has done little to date to put Obama on the defensive or knock him back onto his heels. If anything, Obama has done himself the most harm by appearing clueless about the economy and vindictive toward those offering real reform ideas. But if anyone has done more to back Obama into a corner, it is Paul Ryan.

Whole thing here.

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