In an interview this morning on CBS, former President Bill Clinton wildly accused Republicans of working to disenfranchise minorities, immigrants, and young voters. "And they have worked hard at this," Clinton said of these supposed Republican efforts.

Clinton made accusation in response a question by host Bob Schieffer about the state of the 2012 presidential race.

" I think that the president’s winning," said Clinton, according to a rush transcript. "And winning in the swing states. I think that the Republican super PACs and the Romney campaign combined will outspend the Democrats probably two-and-a-half, three to one from here on in. And I think, this is the only time I can remember when a lot of the national polls are closer than the polls in the so-called swing states. That’s because the Obama campaign doesn’t have as much money so they have to concentrate that in the swing states and we’re doing pretty well. So I think, I think that assuming the debates are even a draw, I think the president will win."

But, according to Clinton, the outcome of the race depends on whether Republicans will play fair.

"But I think you can’t know because of the enormous financial advantage that Citizens United gave to these Republican super PACs and because of the work they have done and will do on Election Day to try to reduce the number of young people, first generation immigrants, and minorities voting," said Clinton. "And they have worked hard at this. They have a theory that if the election, the people who vote in 2012 look more like the 2010 electorate, then the folks that elected the President in the first place in 2008, that if they can get enough of those folks to stay home, they can still win. So that’s why we got to keep working on it."

Clinton provided no evidence for his claims, and Schieffer did not press him, either.

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