Two GOP Senate candidates in blue states are running new TV advertisementss knocking their Democratic opponents over immigration. In Michigan, Republican Terri Lynn Land's campaign has released an ad knocking Democratic congressman Gary Peters for "flip-flopping" on border enforcement and being "two-faced on immigration."

The 30-second spot shows Peters speaking in April 2013 to an immigrant rights group, saying "certainly, enforcement is very important." Next, Peters is shown in July 2013 speaking to a chamber of commerce group in which he says, "immigration reform is not about more enforcement."

"Peters plays both sides," says a voiceover. "But in Congress, Peters obstructed efforts to support the border and supported amnesty for illegal immigrants who take American jobs." Watch the ad below:

Land and Peters are both vying for the seat held by outgoing Democrat Carl Levin, and the race is a toss-up. Peters has led in several recent polls, but his average lead is just four percentage points.

Meanwile in New Hampshire, Republican Scott Brown has another ad connecting his Democratic opponent, incumbent senator Jeanne Shaheen, with Barack Obama on immigration.

"Want to know why there's lawlessness on our border? Ask Senator Shaheen," says Brown, looking into the camera, before a shot of Shaheen standing with Obama is shown. "She voted against border security twice and for amnesty." Watch the 15-second spot below:

At this point, Brown has a tougher task defeating Shaheen than Land does beating Peters in Michigan. Shaheen, a former governor and well-known politician throughout New Hampshire, has led Brown in nearly every poll of the race and has an average advantage of about 10 points. The race currently leans Democratic.

Land and Brown aren't the only GOP Senate candidates to hit their Democratic rivals hard on immigration. Tom Cotton of Arkansas recently put out an ad calling out Democratic senator Mark Pryor for his vote for the Gang of 8 immigration bill.

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