House speaker John Boehner might support the Internet tax bill. But it isn't too likely, he indicated in an interview with Bloomberg Television.

When asked whether he could support the legislation, Boehner said, "Probably not," indicating he'd be against it but leaving open the possibility that he could in fact get behind it at some point later.

"Listen, I just think that moving this bill where you’ve got 50 different sales tax codes, it’s a mess out there. And what you’re doing is you’re going to make it much more difficult for online retailers to be able to comply. When this internet sales tax moratorium went into place about 15 years ago, it was with an understanding that states would get together and try to unify and clean up their sales tax systems. They haven’t done it. So you’re putting in a big burden on some very small businesses."

Boehner said the bill will go through regular procedure, and start in the committee. "Well, it’s going to go over to the Judiciary Committee. Chairman Bob Goodlatte and his committee are going to take a look at it. We’ll see what they think."

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