When the late Sidney Frank created Grey Goose vodka in 1997, he was clear that this spirit must stand above the rest. Not only would it be made in France (giving it that sophisticated European aura), it would also come in a tall, frosted glass bottle with a long neck—easy to spot on the shelf and easy for bartenders to handle. Little did Frank know it could also substitute for a billyclub as was the case when someone at a Manhattan nightclub struck another guest on the back with a Grey Goose bottle, leading to a brawl involving the prince of Monaco.

As reported by the New York Post,

The restaurateur [Adam Hock] has been charged with attacking Prince Pierre Casiraghi—the 24-year-old grandson of Grace Kelly—and three of his heir-head pals in a scrum at club Double Seven early Saturday morning.

Hock, 47, said he was just defending himself and the bevy of models seated at his table after Casiraghi, Paris Hilton ex Stavros Niarchos and scenesters Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld and Diego Marroquin became “belligerent” and “aggressive” because he was at a better table than them.

Hock, who sprained his shoulder after being bashed with a vodka bottle in the fight, had his arm in a sling yesterday and said he’s weighing pressing charges against the four.

A witness quoted a badly bloodied Casiraghi—third in line to the Monaco throne—as saying, “My jaw is broken,” after he, Niarchos, Roitfeld and Marroquin were allegedly decked by Hock.

Another witness described the dashing son of Princess Caroline as being “disfigured” by the blow, and sources confirmed that his jaw was indeed broken.

It still isn't clear who started the brawl. But one detail is not disputed—the use of Grey Goose as a weapon. "[Hock] said he now has 'a huge, round bruise on my back' in 'the shape of a bottle.'"

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