In his Wall Street Journal column, Daniel Henninger makes a strong case that:

"The president is doing the same thing to Ted Cruz and the tea party that he did to the 1%."

That is, winning the war of idea with 140-character ammunition.

The Obama Twitter account lists 38,258,000 followers. Unless some of these are fake, that's nearly 30% of the total popular vote in 2012. All through the week, this number rose as the site poured forth boiling oil. Virtually every Obama tweet demonizes the tea party. Last week, within minutes of the collapse of the Obama-Boehner talks, the tweeting robot called "Barack Obama" had hung the collapse on the "tea party."

The bullets are decidedly small caliber stuff. For example: "The #TeaPartyShutdown is harming small businesses. Say you've had #EnoughAlready."

But if you fire enough of them …

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