Massachusetts Democrat Elizabeth Warren makes a guest appearance in Republican Scott Brown's newest TV advertisement, which focuses on Warren's unproven claim she has Cherokee heritage.

"Is there anything else that's going to come out about you that we don't already know?" a reporter asks Warren at the end of the ad.

Warren laughs before responding, "You know, I don't think so. But who knows?" Watch the video below:

Brown's ad comes just days after the candidates' first televised debate, where the GOP senator criticized Warren over the possibility the Harvard law professor used her alleged heritage to unfairly advance her career.

"I don’t know and neither do the viewers know whether she got ahead as a result of that checking of the box, but the only way that we’ll be able to find that out is to have her release her personnel records, have Harvard release their personnel records to make sure that she did not have an advantage that others were entitled to," Brown said in the debate. "When you are a United States Senator you have to pass a test, and one of character and honesty and truthfulness. And I believe, and others believe, that she has failed that test."

Will Warren's Native American issue have an impact on the Senate race? Every Massachusetts voter I've spoken with is aware of the controversy, which gained significant local and national media attention last spring after Warren gave conflicting answers over her heritage. Many of them also add that the issue is "old news" and won't make a difference with their vote. That may be, but a recent poll from Suffolk University asked respondents an interesting question: Say a word or phrase to describe the candidates. The second-most frequent response for Elizabeth Warren was "liar."

In an interview, Brown says the Native American issue is a window into Warren's character. "It’s...about when the glare of the campaign isn’t on one of us and the cameras aren’t shining brightly," he said. "What do you do when people aren’t looking?"

According to the RealClearPolitics average, Warren has a small lead of less than 3 points over Brown and the race is considered a toss-up.

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