A new poll from a Republican polling firm shows Herman Cain could be gaining strength in New Hampshire, even though the state's long-time front-runner Mitt Romney maintains a comfortable lead among the state's Republican primary voters.

Magellan Strategies surveyed 736 likely Republican primary voters in New Hampshire between October 12 and 13, after Tuesday night's debate at Dartmouth College. Romney won 41 percent of the vote, roughly consistent with his recent polling there. Cain, who in recent weeks has jumped to the top tier in national polls, came in second with 20 percent. Ron Paul had 10 percent. All other candidates polled in the single digits.

The date of the New Hampshire primary, traditionally the "first in the nation," is currently up in the air as other states (particularly Nevada) jockey for earlier dates. Secretary of state Bill Gardner has said that New Hampshire could hold its primary as early as December 6 of this year--though Reid Wilson points out why this seems unlikely. As Cain's recent rise in the state shows, anything can happen in a short period of time.

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