The latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll shows Herman Cain leading the Republican presidential race, while the latest Rasmussen poll shows Cain tied for first with Mitt Romney. The NBC/WSJ poll shows Cain leading Romney by 4 percentage points, 27 to 23 percent. Two months ago, Cain was at 5 percent, while Romney’s tally has remained unchanged (at 23 percent). The poll shows Cain as having a net favorability rating among “GOP primary voters” of +46 points (52 percent “positive,” 6 percent “negative”), while Romney’s net favorability rating is +35 points (51 to 16 percent).

The NBC/WSJ poll shows Rick Perry in third place (at 16 percent — down from 38 percent two months ago), followed by Ron Paul (11 percent — up from 9), Newt Gingrich (8 percent — up from 5), Michele Bachman (5 percent — down from 8), Jon Huntsman (3 percent — up from 2), and Rick Santorum (1 percent — down from 3).

Rasmussen shows Cain and Romney in a dead heat (29 percent apiece), with Gingrich in third (10 percent). Gingrich is followed closely by Perry (9 percent), who in turn is followed by Paul (5 percent), Bachmann (4 percent), and Santorum and Huntsman (2 percent apiece).

Cain, Romney, and Gingrich have all risen in Rasmussen’s polling over the past two months: Cain is up 23 points, Romney 11, and Gingrich 5 (doubling his support). Their respective gains have come at the expense of Perry (down 20 points), Bachmann (down 9), and Paul (down 4).

The Rasmussen poll was taken after the most recent GOP debate; the NBC/WSJ poll was taken beforehand.

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