The president's former reelection campaign is pushing its supporters to "Stand up for Obamacare."

"Do you like Obamacare? Then I'm asking you to show it," writes executive director Jon Carson in an email to supporters this morning.

"Say you're on Team Obamacare, the group of grassroots supporters who will be spreading the word on how health care reform is improving the lives of millions of Americans -- and we'll send you a free bumper sticker to say thanks."

Carson adds:

People like you have been fighting to improve access to affordable health care since day one, because no one should ever have to go bankrupt because they get sick.

And even though Obamacare has been the law for more than three years, the other side is still trying to chip away at it. The House of Representatives has voted to repeal it 37 times, and conservative state legislatures across the country are passing laws that make it harder for their constituents to get access to affordable care.

So we're taking a stand.

Obamacare's not going anywhere. And neither are we.

Join Team Obamacare -- and tell us where to send your free bumper sticker today:



Jon Carson

Executive Director

Organizing for Action

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