Michael Goodwin writes at the New York Post:

This time of year, New York’s social calendar is filled with worthy, if predictable, events that celebrate nonprofit institutions and the donors who fund them.

Monday’s dinner to support charter schools followed the pattern and featured big-name financiers, but it didn’t end with happy talk about spring flowers and garden parties. This was no ordinary celebration — it was a stirring call to arms to fix education. And it marked a coming-out party for Campbell Brown, the former TV journalist who now calls herself an “activist in the fight.”

“This is right versus wrong,” Brown said in a rousing speech aimed aim at Gotham’s political establishment. “There is no middle ground.”

She cited Mayor de Blasio for echoing the teachers union’s anti-charter stance, warning he must “choose between making a comfortable interest group more comfortable, or being a true force for good in the lives of children. He can protect the status quo, or he can protect the public interest, but he can’t do both.”

Watch Campbell Brown's speech here:

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