Not so long ago, we learned from a Wall Street Journalstory that the nation’s electrical grid could be taken completely down by the disabling of nine critical electrical substations

This became public knowledge, as Matthew Daly of the AP reports, because:

Federal energy regulators improperly allowed widespread access to a sensitive document that outlined specific locations where the nation's electric grid is vulnerable to physical threats, a government investigator said Wednesday.

The document created by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission should have been kept secret as a national security matter, Energy Department Inspector General Gregory Friedman said. Instead the information was provided in whole or in part to federal and industry officials in uncontrolled settings.

It is a comfort to know, however, that the Congress is all over it.

Sens. Mary Landrieu and Lisa Murkowski, the top two leaders of the Senate Energy Committee, asked [Energy Department Inspector General Gregory] Friedman to investigate the "apparent leak” … Landrieu chairs the Energy Committee and Murkowski is the panel's senior Republican.

A bi-partisan effort will leave no stone unturned, work tirelessly, get to the bottom of things and, then ...

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