The approval numbers for Congress are lower than a snake’s navel and passing, a matter of hours, a spending plan that runs to a couple of thousand pages doesn’t seem destined to fix that. So how about a change of diet.

As we learn from the Hill’s gossip blog, actress Marilu Henner, who is on Capitol Hill this week to testify on dietary guidelines, believes that:

Congress would act more rationally if lawmakers kept better diets.

“I would say [to lawmakers], learn to love the food that loves you. If that steak is going to make you feel bad, stop eating it.”

Henner has the chops (pardon) to say this, as she is:

New York Times best-selling author of nine books on health, memory, parenting and lifestyle improvement.

One wonders, though, if members will follow advice and:

... take up a “plant-based” diet.

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