House majority leader Eric Cantor responds to the Iran deal:

“This expected and overdue implementation only furthers a deeply flawed agreement that legitimizes Iran's flagrant violations of multiple U.N. Security Council resolutions calling for the full suspension of its nuclear program. Although Congress still needs to investigate key details of this implementation plan, the underlying agreement does nothing to reverse Iran's nuclear program, allows it to continue industrial-scale enrichment of uranium and fails to address critical aspects of Iran's weaponization research.

“Iran has spent the months since the initial deal was signed advancing its nuclear program. Iran's history of cheating will require intrusive inspections to have any confidence that Iran is living up to any promises. The Obama Administration must be honest with the American people about the grave threat Iran poses to US interests and the interests of our closest allies, as witnessed in recent months. The U.S. and international community must confront Iran's support of terrorists and efforts to foment instability throughout the region.”

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