Jay Carney told the press aboard Air Force One that President Barack Obama respects New Jersey governor Chris Christie and his efforts. Via the pool report:

Jay Carney gaggled on the very brief flight to New Jersey. Quick highlights:

Syria: Carney said the admin welcomes the EU action; on Russian arms sales said it does not bring the country closer to the desired political transition ... WH is aware of McCain's trip ... looks fwd to speaking to McCain on his return ... JC would not say whether McCain carried a msg from potus ...

On Gov. Christie, Carney said potus thinks he has done an excellent job on the efforts he has undertaken to rebuild ... The best way for recovery to happen is by cooperation among levels of govt ... Potus is going on this trip to highlight his ongoing commitment to recovery

On the personal relationship between the two: president has respect for Gov Christie and his efforts ...

JC responded to question about whether FEMA has been slow to build flood plain maps -- referred to FEMA but said overall it has been efficient

... More work needs to be done

On Chinese hacking: cybersecurity is a key concern, says it will be a topic of discussions when Obama meets with Xi in June

Iraq -- US is monitoring the increase in violence in that country
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