White House spokesman Jay Carney wouldn't say who won President Obama's round of golf over the weekend with former President Bill Clinton, Terry McAuliffe, and Ron Kirk. Instead, Carney rhetorically asked, "Doesn't the sitting President always win?"

Here's the transcript:

Q Did President Clinton have any advice or suggestions for President Obama yesterday during their golf game on the fiscal cliff? Might there have been some discussion about the fiscal cliff when he played golf?

MR. CARNEY: For reasons that would be apparent to anybody who has seen me swing a golf club, I was not there and therefore do not know.

Q No readout on the golf game?

MR. CARNEY: I know that President Obama enjoyed the session. But beyond that, I don't have anything else for you.

Q Who won?

MR. CARNEY: Doesn't the sitting President always win?

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