White House spokesman Jay Carney plugged his wife's book today at the White House press briefing:

In response to a question about whether raising the minimum wage is good politics -- because it helps Democrats with women voters -- Carney said, "It's certainly the right thing to do regardless. What the assessments that have been done related to the minimum wage is that women would be affected more than men, because women tend to have minimum wage jobs, as I understand it -- not an economist -- in greater numbers than men do."

He continued, bringing his wife's book into the discussion: "But here's the point, and I mentioned my wife's book on this, there is a macroeconomic benefit to making sure -- Womenomics available on Amazon, it came out in 2009. It might have been on the New York Yimes bestseller list. I'm only saying this because I happen to know because of that a little bit about this subject, that there are bottom line benefits to making sure that private sector and public sector make sure that the rules of the road if you will when it comes to our economy work for women because doing that is not just the right thing to do, it's economically beneficial. It helps the bottom line. It helps the country's bottom line and it helps private sector bottom line. So, again, I didn't mean to jump on you--but this is good for the economy. ... it's good for the economy, I promise you."

"Your wife's wonderful," a journalist said in response.

Carney's wife, ABC journalist Claire Shipman, published Womenomics: Write Your Own Rules for Success in 2009.

As Zeke Miller notes, Shipman has a new book coming out next month:

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