Apparently Obama did not appreciate the tone of this reporter from Texas, who asked Obama some pointed questions and at one point corrected him on how badly he lost the Lone Star state in 2008. Obama testily concludes "Let me finish my answers" at the end of the interview:

In case Obama needs a better refresher, the National Republican Senatorial Committee gleefully sent out the following email:

Good morning – as you continue to hear national Democrat campaign strategists pontificate on how they intend to target Texas in next year’s election, I wanted to point out that in an interview last night, WFAA-TV reporter Brad Watson had to remind even President Obama that he actually lost Texas by 11 points in 2008 – at the height of his popularity -- and not by “a few percentage points” as the President initially claimed.

For those keeping score at home, the final margin in Texas was actually 11.7 points -- 55.5% (McCain) vs. 43.8% (Obama). To put that number into perspective, Obama actually received a higher percentage of the 2008 vote in both North Dakota and South Dakota (44.7% in both) – two states which just elected Republican Senator John Hoeven by 54 points and Sen. John Thune ran uncontested, respectively in 2010.
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