The great Washington insider scam rolls on. As Peter Schroeder of The Hill reports:

The presidency of Barack Obama has catapulted a network of former advisers into lucrative positions.Members of the president’s brain trust have steadily moved outside the administration in recent years, capitalizing on their association with the Obama brand to launch careers as advisors, consultants and hired guns.

The most recent example (one of many) of such cashing in on “public service” is:

David Plouffe, the mastermind behind the president’s two campaigns ... [who landed] a job with Uber, the up-and-coming app service that is battling local governments and taxicab companies over its business model.

Mr. Plouffe and other White House operators like former Press Secretary Jay Carney, who is said to be in talks with Apple, are being hired for their insiderness. Which is a new variation on the old formulation of, “He knows where the bodies are buried because he buried most of them.”

The Uber business model succeeds in the marketplace. But Uber and the public need permission from the government to conduct mutually advantageous business. Such permission does not come cheap and it must be midwifed by someone like Mr. Plouffe, who knows the game.

The game has been very good to him.

For the public … not so much.

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