Sister Simone Campbell is a Catholic nun and liberal activist who has earned a lot of media coverage this year for criticizing the Paul Ryan budget while riding around the country on a bus. Tonight at the Democratic National Convention, Campbell will be speaking from the podium against the Ryan budget.

But how does Campbell, a Catholic who says she believes abortion is the taking of an innocent life, weigh her budget concerns against her opposition to abortion? It turns out there’s not a dilemma because, as Campbell told me this afternoon at the Charlotte Convention Center, she doesn’t know if she supports laws protecting the lives of unborn children.

TWS: On the legal question, do you think there should be penalties against abortion doctors? I mean, should it be illegal to perform abortions?

CAMPBELL: That’s beyond my pay grade. I don’t know.

“The fact is my vast preference is that all women would have the support to carry their babies to term,” Campbell continued. “One of the things I find so horrifying in the Romney-Ryan budget is that they want to take those supports away. And then they claim they’re pro-life. That just drives me nuts!”

So Campbell knows that the Romney-Ryan budget is "horrifying" because it spends less on social welfare programs than Obama, but she's agnostic about passing laws to stop abortions. According to one study, striking down Roe v. Wade would lead to 180,000 fewer abortions per year in the United States.

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