The latest New York Times/CBS poll shows President Obama's approval rating hitting an all-time low. One month ago, 50% of Americans approved of his job performance and 43% disapproved. The new NYT/CBS poll shows Obama's approval rating dropping to 41% and his disapproval rating climbing to 47%.

The new poll also shows Americans strongly support an exemption to the "birth control mandate" by 57% to 36% for religiously-affiliated employers. By a 51% to 40% margin, Americans support a religious/moral exemption for all employers:

There's a lot of talk that Obama's dive in in the CBS/NYT and the ABC/Washington Post polls is due to high gas prices. That seems plausible. But why couldn't the contraception/abortifacient mandate--the biggest news story for the past month--also play a part in Obama's sinking numbers?

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