The new census numbers are out, and they show the GOP will make a substantial net gain of congressional seats/electoral votes.

States gaining seats/electoral votes:

Texas +4, Arizona +1, South Carolina +1, Georgia +1, Utah +1, Washington +1, Florida +2, Nevada +1

States losing seats/electoral votes:

Illinois -1, Iowa -1, Massachusetts -1, Michigan -1, New Jersey -1, New York -2, Pennsylvania -1, Louisiana -1, Ohio -2, Missouri -1.

Another way to break it down in terms of its impact on the 2012 presidential election:

GOP states—those that voted Republican in the past 3 presidential elections—made a net gain of 6 seats/EVs:

TX+4, AZ+1, S.C.+1, GA+1, UT+1, MO-1, LA-1

States that voted Democratic in past three presidential elections had a net loss of 6 seats/EVs:

IL-1, MA-1, MI-1, N.J.-1, N.Y.-2, PA-1, WA+1

And swing states broke even:

FL+2, NV+1, IA-1, OH-2

Update: I initially incorrectly wrote that Democratic seats had a net loss of 6 seats. New York as losing 2 seats, not 1.

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