Things are not getting any better in Europe as “Gross domestic product in the euro area shrank a more-than- forecast 0.6 percent in the fourth quarter, the worst performance in almost four years as its three biggest economies -- Germany, France and Italy -- suffered slumping output.

Still, the champagne industry is counting on a bump from Valentines Day and pushing high end product like “a special six-liter vintage edition with cherubs etched on the bottle that sells for $4,000 in a silver case made by Christofle.”

It is “just the thing for today’s celebrations, [Fabrice] Rosset, the chief executive officer of champagne maker Deutz, said in an interview.”

Napoleon probably had it right when he said, "In victory, you deserve Champagne, in defeat, you need it"

Right now, it looks like a case of need.

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