If you are a first-time winner of one of the four professional golf tournaments that are considered “majors,” then you will inevitably be asked, “Is this a dream come true?”

Hard to imagine anyone coming up with an original answer to that one. But yesterday’s winner, Bubba Watson, somehow managed.

“I never got this far in my dreams,” he said, “so it's not a dream come true."

Watson is an original in temperament and style of play. His driver is pink and he hits it a mile … in virtually any direction. He can hit any shot from anywhere, as he proved on the second hole of a playoff when he came out of the woods where he had put his drive. He found a gap and lofted a wedge under some tree limbs. The shot rose improbably and then turned some forty yards in flight before it fell onto the green and stopped about fifteen feet from the pin.

“Pretty easy,” he said later, sounding more humble than arrogant.

One hopes that he will keep winning because he is likeable and entertaining, qualities to which all athletes should aspire and seldom do. We have quite enough of the other in real life. Something Watson, himself, seems to appreciate.

A couple of weeks before he teed it up for the Masters, Watson and his wife adopted month-old baby boy.

“Golf isn’t everything for me,” he said, in his victory remarks. “If I would have lost today, it wouldn’t have been the end of the world. To win is awesome, but I’ll go back to real life next week.”

“I still haven’t changed a diaper.”

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