As Bill Kristol previously noted, voters in Ohio's Tenth Congressional District just might vote out long-time Democratic congressman Dennis Kucinich. It's close: Kucinich's Republican challenger, Peter Corrigan, is behind by only 4 points, well within the margin of error in the latest poll.

Kevin O'Brien of the Cleveland Plain Dealer considers the choice in this election:

Could the voters produce a Republican sweep thorough enough to whisk away Dennis Kucinich?

It's hard to imagine. It's harder yet to get one's hopes up. But a very credible Republican candidate is running against Cleveland's unrepresentative representative this year, and residents of the 10th Congressional District should be falling all over themselves to elect him.

His name is Peter J. Corrigan. He's a businessman with expertise in the financial side of companies and -- of all things -- physics. In other words, he's not stupid.

He's not a Democrat, and although that would be an oddity in Ohio's 10th District, it wouldn't be a first. Republican Martin Hoke held the seat from 1992 until 1996, when Kucinich completed the most unlikely of political comebacks to take it away from him.

A mere 17 years after Clevelanders banished him from office for sinking their city into default, Kucinich headed off to Congress. And there he has lingered -- at least when not running for president -- ever since.

When he was first elected, the not entirely tongue-in-cheek assessment was that with 434 adults to supervise him in the House of Representatives, how much damage could Dennis do?

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