New Jersey governor Chris Christie's office has released a chart outlining various successes over the last three years. It's being called "Christie By The Numbers: A Look Back At Everything Across Three Balanced Budgets."

The numbers are impressive: He has 125,820 Twitter followers, 60,755 followers on Facebook, been asked about a presidential/vice presidential bid too many times to count, signed 352 bills, held 88 town halls, been to 3 Bruce Springsteen concerts, and so on.

But the two most interesting lines are these:

David Letterman Fat Jokes 327,832


“Idiots” 2

But it's a joke (well, the David Letterman bit is). "It's not an exact number," a Christie spokesman explains in an email, "just an attempt to be funny considering the number of Letterman Christie fat jokes." (Here's more on Letterman's obsession with Christie fat jokes.)

As for the "Idiots" line in the chart, the spokesman explains: "Idiots are the two times [Governor Christie] has called someone an 'idiot' (the most recent one being from a week ago when he called a reporter an 'idiot')." Here's more on that incident.

And here's the complete chart:

YouTube Video Views 5 Million

Letters Received 421,389

David Letterman Fat Jokes 327,832

Twitter Followers 125,820

Facebook Likes 60,755

Questions About Running For President / Vice President (Too Many

To Count)

Tweets 2,892

YouTube Videos 606

Bills Signed 352

Reporter’s Notes 346

Press Conferences 92

Town Halls 88

Bills Vetoed 39

Vetoes To Rein In Authorities 27

Appearances On “Ask The Governor” 26

New Jersey Heroes 17

Gov News Email Banners 13

Politifact Ratings Of “Pants On Fire” 4

Springsteen Concerts 3

Tax Increase Vetoes 3

Special Sessions 3

“Idiots” 2

Hurricanes 1

Tax Increases 0

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