What's Chris Christie's foreign policy? It's probably a bit too early to tell, but Jamie Weinstein has an early assessment:

“Given the governor’s lack of experience in foreign and defense affairs, I would say his first instincts are good,” Gary Schmitt, director of the American Enterprise Institute’s Program on Advanced Strategic Studies, told TheDC. “And good on two levels: one, substance, which is don’t let poll numbers drive Afghan policy; two, sense of what it means to be a chief executive and the requirement for leadership. Both a solid foundation to build on.”

In an interview on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tuesday night, Christie was asked about whether he supports withdrawing American troops from Afghanistan.

“I wouldn’t do it now,” Christie replied. “But I would be guided by what our military advisers told us to do. But I do think that capturing bin Laden and killing bin Laden was one of the real goals of the original Afghanistan intervention. And I’m not a nation-building kind of guy.”

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