New Jersey governor Chris Christie had a message for congressional Republicans and Democrats today: A pox on both your houses.

"The Republicans and Democrats should get in a room and stay in the room until they fix it," Christie said. "Instead, they seem to be sloganeering at each other.... And it's not helpful. And it's really, I think, starting to wear on the American people. It's time for them to stand up, and go in, and be adults and fix the problem."

Christie's criticism of President Obama was more pointed. "You're elected executive to lead. And I think it's incumbent on the president to put the plan out there," Christie said. "You cannot wait for members of a legislative body to lead," he continued. "The executive has an obligation to lead."

Christie said Obama needs to produce a detailed plan and did not comment on any of the various proposals that have been floated in D.C. "I can't comment on the deal because I can't figure out from morning to morning what the hell the deal is," he said. "All you're hearing are rumors that are reported in the press or on the web."

While Christie has insisted he won't run for president, one could easily imagine that the messy resolution of the debt ceiling negotiations could provide the perfect opening for Christie to say "Enough!" and take his anti-Washington, anti-Obama, pro-leadership message to the voters.
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