Last night on a New Jersey radio station, Chris Christie delivered an ode to mediocre rocker Bruce Springsteen:

"It’s not only just seeing Bruce, but it’s like when you’re in high school – you get a driver’s license, and you’re able to drive to the Jersey Shore and you’re driving down Route 35 and you’re heading into Seaside Heights and it’s a hot summer night and you roll those windows down and you have your eight track and you’re blasting it and you’re singing as loud as the music and you’ve got your friends in the car and they’re all singing. And you’re heading to the Boardwalk. And that’s New Jersey. And so my visceral, emotional attachment is because this is where I grew up. And he represents so many of the things that are great about our state. Grit and toughness and talent and emotion and success. And you know what? Everybody else around the world, country, when they would make fun of New Jersey when I was a kid. I’d say yeah but we’ve got Bruce, he’s ours. And so you know, let’s ‘spirit to the night’ baby ‘all night.’ Come on Eric, ‘all night,’" said Christie, beginning to sing.

The radio host refused to sing along. "Yeah I’ll do a lot of things, but I’m not singing along with you Governor," he said.

Christie tried again to coax him into song, "Come on Eric. ‘All night.’"

"Say goodbye Governor," said the host.

Finally, Christie signed off. "Spirit to the night everybody. Be safe, we’ll see you next month."

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