Barbara Buono, the Democratic candidate for governor in New Jersey, released an ad today attacking Republican governor Chris Christie’s eating habits.

"Guess what, governor?" the candidate asks rhetorically. "There’s no fried butter in Newark, just 13 percent unemployment."

The jab is supposed to be a reference to Christie’s visit to Iowa (home of the Iowa State Fair) 11 months ago to support Representative Steve King’s reelection efforts, but it comes off as a poke at Christie’s weight—a much talked about topic given Christie’s weight-loss surgery in February and speculation that he might run for president in 2016.

Interestingly, above the ad on Buono’s website is the admission that her campaign doesn’t have enough money to regularly run it on television: “We need the truth out and our ad needs to be on the airwaves. Can you share our ad and then chip in a few bucks to keep it on the air?”

According to the AsburyParkPress, Christie’s campaign has already raised $2.2 million for the election in November—and he hasn’t even decided whether or not to take public matching funds, as he refused to do for his campaign in 2009.

In the most recent polling for the race, Buono trails Christie by 30 points, and the RCP data shows her pulling in an average of 27.7 percent of the vote.

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