Kathryn Jean Lopez interviews Jay Cost about today's election:

LOPEZ: However big the win, what’s the message to the GOP? What’s the mandate?

COST: Grow the economy, grow the economy, grow the economy. The electorate has handed the Republican party an enormous opportunity to get back to its historic roots and what I would call the McKinley-Coolidge-Reagan wing of the party — a chance to build a broad electoral coalition based upon conservative economic ideas that deliver prosperity. That’s the No. 1 mandate.

Incidentally, that was Obama’s mandate in 2008, but he took it to be that he was the next Franklin Roosevelt. I don’t know why he thought this, considering he won only 52.9 percent of the vote, which is less than George H. W. Bush did. Obama pretended he was there to implement New Deal Mach 2, and that’s a big reason the GOP is where it is right now....

LOPEZ: Biggest surprise you’re expecting?

COST: Dennis Kucinich will lose....

LOPEZ: Is election night like Christmas Day for you?

COST: It’s like Christmas with Charlie Manson! It’s crazy.

Whole thing here.

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